Why Corporate Office Branding Matters

Every company has a story to tell. A logo on the wall and brand colors in the furnishings isn’t enough to capture the essence of a company in a corporate office. And when clients, customers, and employees enter an environment that’s been effectively branded the values, vision, and mission become immediately apparent.

It is especially important when your headquarters also acts as a customer destination. A corporate museum is not an unusual addition, but a guided tour through facilities is a unique feature. When Founder’s Brewing company invested in a $35 million expansion, a portion of that funding went to branding to create an engaging tour of the brewing facilities.

One key component in the updated tour is a history wall. This wall feature displays the remarkable history of the company and its growth over time. It provided the perfect opportunity to be creative with materials and concepts and to capture the brand’s distinctive identity.

To demonstrate the company’s growth a three-dimensional graph was created, and the bars that represented barrels sold are filled with bottle caps. A wall of custom printed wood panels is accented with sections of real barrels, previously filled with Founder’s craft beers. Backlit graphics feature photographs of important moments and additional lit displays highlight memorabilia.

The final product: an engaging highlight in the brewery tour that informs and fully encompasses the brewery’s brand.

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