Communicate your culture of caring. Share your legacy. Inspire the people you serve.

Nationwide, healthcare providers are recognizing the importance of creating consistent brand experiences for everyone who visits their facilities. In public lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, and specialty centers, every space is an opportunity to connect.

Astute healthcare leaders are increasingly branding their physical spaces to create environments that communicate clearly the mission, vision, and values that inspire their organization - in short their culture. Why is communicating culture so important? It plays a role in how a healthcare provider reaches out to patients and families; recruits and retains the best talent; and optimizes performance, growth, and change. When a space brings to life a hospital's or healthcare system's culture, it helps unify the organization, communicates a story, multiplies the value of its brand, clarifies purpose, and enhances excitement about what's coming.

The history behind a hospital or healthcare system is a significant differentiator in a provider's marketplace. Physical spaces can become a lasting legacy in themselves - for example, showcasing a history of innovation or specialized care, or recognizing donors and the unique stories behind their gifts. Such projects communicate where the organization has come from, what it is today, and where it's going in the future.

Branded spaces are opportunities to connect with patients, families, staff, donors, and the community in special ways. Furthermore, branding multiple spaces makes communicating with each of a healthcare provider's audiences - internal and external - more consistent and effective. When such spaces are purposefully planned, well designed, and successfully executed, they facilitate relationships by becoming enduring reminders of common ground, and a point of pride and identity for the people who interact with the organization.

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