Waste Management

November 30, 2013

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Waste Management | Sustainability Center | Rogers, Arkansas


Communicating Corporate Commitment


As North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental solutions, Waste Management offers many services for reducing the impact of waste – including helping businesses turn trash into profit (by converting it into other usable materials). To enhance opportunities for business and technology leaders to come together in pursuit of the latest and best ways to manage waste, the company built a Sustainability Center.


Informing and inspiring Waste Management’s visitors are unique displays and branded furnishings created by Houston’s HOK-Viscom and Xibitz. Under a tight timeline, these partners developed and produced designs incorporating printed vinyl, lumisty film on glass, acrylic lasered icons, i-zone graphics, direct-printed aluminum graphics, lambda prints mounted to glass, and 3-form fins as separators.


These environmental graphics communicate the company’s commitment as a resource for sustainable practices. Specific displays include an inspirational tree made of patina metal branches and 3-Form. A display filled with water bottles illustrates the process of recycling and the end results. Lit fabric graphics and printed eco substrates found throughout the space further describe sustainable processes.


Predictably, the Sustainability Center – LEED® Gold certified in 2012 – features nontoxic and highly recycled and recyclable construction.

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