Valparaiso University

November 30, 2013

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Valparaiso University | Welcome Center | Valparaiso, Indiana


Inspiring Visitors at the Front Door


The Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Welcome Center plays a central role in Valparaiso University’s strategic plan to grow to 6,000 students through enrollment and development activities. This 15,000-square-foot gathering place, designed by the firm Design Organization, serves as a “front door” for the University, meeting the needs of prospective students, alumni and guests – and housing key historical and modern exhibits.


Xibitz and Lord Cultural Resources developed the exhibits. Key steps included: identifying a thematic framework and incorporating guidepost values developed by Valparaiso staff (Excellence, Learning through Service, Community, Lutheran Heritage, Thoughtful Leadership and Personal Journey).


The exhibits enliven the public spaces by incorporating a variety of experience types including inspirational stories about Valparaiso faculty, staff, alumni and students. These firsthand accounts highlight significant and engaging stories of University achievement, including their local and global impact. They also encourage visitors to make an informed choice to study at Valparaiso, to take pride in the University, and to support it.


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