University of Florida Football

November 30, 2013

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University of Florida Football | Heavener Football Recruiting Complex | Gainesville, Florida


Creating a Spectacular Environment


As University of Florida Athletics Director Jeremy Foley put it, “What we had wasn’t representative of a football program of this stature, not just front-door wise, but office-wise.”


To remedy this situation, and looking to “wow” visitors, spectators and recruits when they came through the football facility, athletic leaders called on Gator Boosters, whose overwhelming response led to the ability to create the Heavener Football Complex.


Together with design partner Downstream, Xibitz helped turn the facility into a cutting-edge showcase and work area. Taking advantage of Xibitz’ collaborative process, the firms crafted creative design solutions within workable budgets.


Called “Gateway of Champions,” the facility is a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly spectacular environment that will help the Gators on and off the field. Its entrance features a two-story atrium “Gateway to Florida Football” which showcases the University’s historic accolades while providing multiple opportunities for new chapters of their story to unfold.


Interactive displays allow visitors to discover, and dive into Florida’s storied past. The “Players in the NFL” interactive display celebrates post-Gator NFL success with touch-screen statistics and highlight videos. Coaches’ suites and experiential theater tell the social, academic and athletic stories of Gator Football. Trophy cases and high-definition televisions displaying highlights from the Gators’ national championships and heritage are woven throughout offices, locker rooms, the weight room and a 4,000-square-foot “Gator Room.”

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