The Schubert Club Museum

October 10, 2013

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The Schubert Club | The Schubert Club Museum | Saint Paul, Minnesota


Exploring a Rich Musical Legacy


“A tornado of instruments has touched down in St. Paul…it’s created a lovely museum.” That’s how the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on the opening of The Schubert Club Museum in the city’s historic Landmark Center Building.


Teaming with Lord Cultural Resources, Crux Creative, and Exhibits Development Group, Xibitz refined and focused the vision for this museum, ultimately turning that vision into individual exhibits and galleries in both existing and renovated spaces.


Engaging and informative, the exhibits teach through multiple portals, including interpretive graphics, mechanical interactive components, playable keyboards and an opportunity to invent instruments and compositions through a unique music-creating technology.


The result is a space worthy of The Schubert Club’s considerable collection of musical masterpieces and world instruments, letters from composers and much more for the public’s appreciation – so that an enriching experience can be had by music lovers of all ages, knowledge, and expertise.

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