SwedishAmerican Heritage Center

November 29, 2013

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SwedishAmerican Foundation | SwedishAmerican Heritage Center | Rockford, Illinois


Celebrating a Long Tradition of Community-focused Care


As hospitals and clinics merge into larger organizations, the once common elements of local ownership and community focus have been diminished in many locales – but not in Rockford, Illinois and the region around it. Since its founding here in 1911, SwedishAmerican Hospital has grown from humble roots into the respected, regional SwedishAmerican Health System.


To celebrate its strong ties to the community and mark the Health System’s 100 years of medical service, the SwedishAmerican Foundation collaborated with Xibitz, and exhibit developer Dan Bartlett, to create the SwedishAmerican Heritage Center.


Although the treatments and technologies have changed over the years, the Health System’s commitment to the alleviation of sickness and suffering has not. The SwedishAmerican Heritage Center celebrates and commemorates that dedication to medical service.


Here, visitors experience SwedishAmerican’s history through multiple interactive and object-based exhibits connected to the organization’s history and culture. Exhibits spotlight a number of key topics, including Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Polio, Nursing, Cardiology, Surgery, and Pharmacy.

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