New York University

November 30, 2013

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New York University | Department of Social and Cultural Analysis | New York, New York


Connecting People through Environment


NYU’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis houses the activities of six diverse yet converging programs that seek ways to connect intellectual inquiry with lived experience. So when students and faculty needed a new space designed for a 16,380-square-foot Greenwich Village loft, it called for a novel approach.


The design by Lewis.Tsurumaki, Lewis Architects locates faculty offices at the perimeter of the space, yet carves away the offices at strategic locations to introduce natural light and visual interest to the interior and produce a series of different-sized public spaces to facilitate social interaction and collaboration between students and faculty from various disciplines in a range of settings.


Supporting this plan, Xibitz worked under the guidance of graphics consultant Design360 to ensure this would be no ordinary academic setting. Among the Xibitz contributions are environmental graphics in many forms. Brightly colored, custom-fabricated acrylic boxes are inserted through the walls between the offices and corridors, serving as signage and see-through shelves for occupants’ books of choice. Text along the conference and meeting rooms is vinyl on glass but becomes 3-D as it spills over the sill. Printed 3-Form panels slide along a track to separate conference and common rooms as desired.


The overall result: A Best of Year Merit Award, Educational, from Interior Design.

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