Lady Bird Johnson
Wildflower Center

October 10, 2013

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Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center | Interactive Visitors Gallery | Austin, Texas


Inspiring Visitors to Promote a Sustainable Future


Orienting guests to the spectacular facility and gardens of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a key function of the Visitors Gallery – where Xibitz, in partnership with Lord Cultural Resources and Center staff, created this engaging exhibition.


Set in a beautiful naturally lit gallery, the sweeping curves of the exhibits serve a primary function of engaging visitors while embracing the facility architecture and allowing clear vistas to the meadow outside. Environmentally sensitive materials echo the rich facility textures while remaining true to mission. Exploring three main themes – Ecological Heritage, Ecological Citizenship and Ecological Sustainability – the exhibits provide visitors with opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as critical orientation for an informed and comfortable visit.


Center staff, docents, volunteers and visitors participated in focus sessions to develop the exhibit’s key messages. A core group of center staff guided aspects such as developing and reviewing content – which includes quotes by Lady Bird Johnson, scattered like seeds throughout the exhibit.


An array of high-tech and low-tech interactive exhibits help to inspire action to be responsible ecological stewards and to preserve native plants. The exhibits make the case for the importance of native plants and their role in ensuring a sustainable future. Some of the interactive components take highly complex and involved topics – such as biodiversity – and present them on a level that becomes very personal to visitors, inviting their participation and decision-making.

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