Johnson Controls
Power Solutions Headquarters

November 30, 2013

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Johnson Controls | Power Solutions Headquarters | Glendale, Wisconsin


Illustrating Ingenuity


When it’s your vision to create a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world, it just makes sense to showcase your innovative capabilities in your own facilities. And that’s exactly what Johnson Controls did when renovating and expanding its headquarters.


Among the new buildings on the Fortune 100 company’s campus are headquarters for its Power Solutions business, and a four-level parking structure including space for plug-in hybrids.


Collaborating with Gensler architects, designers and planners, Xibitz provided a number of innovative touches for the Power Solutions building. A 17-foot lampshade (with a 10-foot-diameter) hangs from the lobby’s ceiling. Engineered to support its weight by means of the polycarbonate from ring to ring, it eliminates the need for additional supports (and the shadows they would cause). Custom acrylic cases in the lobby and conference rooms display unique artifacts highlighting company history. And inkjet graphics and vinyl found throughout the space illustrate the mission of the team working within the facility.

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