Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

November 30, 2013

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Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital | Giving and Philanthropy | Grand Rapids, Michigan


Connecting Donors, Children and Families


A hospital’s work is serious business – and that can make it especially scary for a child. With this in mind, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital provides a warm and welcoming environment, with special amenities for families while offering state-of-the-art health care.


The 212-bed, 14-floor, 464,000-square-foot facility represents more than four decades of steady progress in improving pediatric care and bringing pediatric specialists to the region. Now children have a hospital dedicated exclusively to their health care needs. All of the care is provided by pediatric nurses, therapists and clinicians, and there are more than 200 pediatric physicians in 50 pediatric specialties and programs.


Among those who made this dream a reality were more than 6,000 donors – and Xibitz was selected to create displays to recognize their gifts and provide location signage in a nontraditional way.


A carefully thought-out design and meticulous choices of materials allow for a layering effect that accentuates detail and flow while complementing the building’s overall architectural aesthetic. The result balances playfulness and elegance, using colors and shapes to connect patients, family members and visitors with the facility in comforting ways. Sounds like good medicine.

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