Cranbrook Institute of Science

November 29, 2013

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Cranbrook Institute of Science | The Story of Us | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Capturing the Spirit of the Human Condition


Prominently featured in an aesthetically beautiful and interpretively rich gallery setting, the nationally recognized anthropological artifact collection of Cranbrook Institute of Science – Michigan’s Museum of Natural History – shares a wide range of global material in an unprecedented immersive visitor experience.


Visitors experience The Story of Us with the help of a virtual holographic-like personal guide and the use of individual touch-screen interfaces to learn more about the objects that interest them.


Cranbrook selected Xibitz as a partner to collaboratively build on the work of Project Designer Larry Hutchinson, creating a strong and diverse team (including Hutchinson Studios, LLC, Xibitz, and Cavala & Associates) to bring these wonders to life.


Highlights include:  hunting, gathering, cooking and storage vessels and tools from six continents; one of only a handful of exact replicas of the Coronation Throne of Tutankhamen, purchased by Cranbrook founders George and Ellen Booth during a visit to Egypt at the time of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb; a complete 18th century lacquer suit of Japanese Samurai armor; and shrines, mummified animals and masks from around the world used in religious worship.

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