Career Education Corporation

November 30, 2013

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Career Education Corporation | Corporate Headquarters | Schaumburg, Illinois


Transforming Culture through Effective Branding


Career Education Corporation (CEC) is a private-sector, global education company providing quality, career-focused learning – via more than 90 campuses and typically by virtual means. When CEC’s rapid growth prompted the need for a new corporate headquarters, Kahler Slater provided environmental branding – and turned to Xibitz for collaboration.


A significant objective for this project was to positively and strategically impact the organization’s culture by helping employees connect with the students, faculty and campus staff that they serve but often do not see. CEC also wanted to enhance relationships across disciplines to instill pride and increase the spirit of collaboration. Finally, there was a need to more clearly integrate more than 11,000 employees, more than 75,000 students and 500,000 alumni as part of the Career Education family.


As a result of Kahler Slater’s branding work throughout the headquarters, it is clear – to those who visit and work there – what CEC does and who it serves. Employees interact with strategically designed engagement pieces, and the results show in an enhanced culture of professionalism, pride, camaraderie and connection.

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