Banque du Liban

July 23, 2014

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Banque du Liban | Money Museum | Beirut, Lebanon


Facilitating Educational Opportunities for the Future 


Lebanon’s central bank, established the Banque du Liban Museum to increase public awareness of its roles and responsibilities in keeping the Lebanese economy and financial system stable. The new 3,000-square-foot museum is located in the heart of Beirut inside a refurbished historic BDL building.


BDL engaged Xibitz through Lord Cultural Resources to collaborate on its development. Providing turnkey exhibition and logistical services, Xibitz worked closely with Lord Cultural Resources to provide a full range of services. The design offers the visitor close inspection of the extraordinary currency and coin collection while assuring its security.


Visitor experiences include exhibits on the role of the central bank; and displays of archaeological, historic and contemporary coins and banknotes from Lebanon, the region, and the world. Interactive elements allow you to design a banknote featuring your face, heft a real gold bar, explore the intricate currencies through touch screen technology and calculate your weight in gold bars.


The museum is Lebanon’s first such institution, one of only a few banking and currency museums in the region and has been warmly welcomed by visitors.


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