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Big Four

A Big Four Firm’s

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When one of the “Big Four” networks of firms offering audit, tax and advisory services reinforced its commitment to Chicago with a new headquarters, the global giant sought a design providing social, collaborative and personal space. Designed by Perkins+Will, the result features a mix of open and private meeting areas combined with advanced technology on six floors and a mezzanine.


In developing and installing brand elements for the project, Xibitz employed artistry and dynamism via many custom elements including: frosted vinyl patterns applied to existing glass, graphic scrims (of translucent fabric allowing image visibility on both sides), corridor anchor light boxes, and elevator lobby signage featuring a 3-D logo. Sampling of multiple elements helped ensure client and partner satisfaction with finishes and processes.


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Our client sought a design to support [its] commitment to mobility, collaboration and innovation while optimizing real estate to reduce costs.



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[Noteworthy Techniques.

Techniques employed in the project’s Conference Center include back-painted glass; custom-layered graphics on existing surfaces; panels with recessed text installed to look like part of a wall’s surface; and glass panels that float in front of a wall and connect at the floor via low-profile channels. ]


X: on this project:

Design, Perkins+Will

Design Solutions

Production & Installation

Project Management

Facility Interface Coordination

 ROM Budgets

 Cost Estimating

 Construction Drawings

 Material Samples


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Big Four

The 25-foot Global Wall located just behind the reception area visually communicates this Big Four firm’s commitment to global reach and leadership. It consists of multiple graphic applications affixed to the existing wall and new glass surfaces provided by Xibitz.


KPMG_2, Big Four

The late 1800s and early 1900s have been called the “golden age of accountancy,” when the Industrial Revolution hastened the birth of some of the world’s major accounting firms. The History Wall reveals the stories of the pioneers whose legendary enterprises formed the building blocks of this Big Four firm.


KPMG_3, Big Four

Story-driven content etched into dragon board panels and seamlessly integrated into drywall surfaces were painted to match the wall, and include applications of custom layered graphics.


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