Experience the Possible

We have completely changed how consumers experience a brand or organization through our complete re-design of a traditional static display. Our team of experts designed a state-of-the-art experiential display board inspired by the emotions and memories nostalgia brings out in all of us, to change how consumers interact and connect with a brand experience as a whole.

We ‘Flipped’ Out

With an incredible legacy in professional baseball, the Cubs felt they had a great story to tell within their new office tower in Wrigley Field. Our product was the first of its kind in their space, creating a story of our own. We could not have been more honored to bring their memories to life.

“The display provided by Xibitz serves as a warm welcome to all front office staff, players, business partners, and fans, who enter the Cubs’ headquarters. The ability to rotate images allows viewers to get a glimpse of the many important moments in Cubs’ history.”  – Pat Manaher, Chicago Cubs

Demo of the Nostaboard

Made in Michigan

Every Nostaboard is handcrafted by our team of expert engineers and designers who will build every display specific to your space and needs. The Nostaboard is not a one size fits all, each board is completely customized to suit your specifications. We offer a wide variety of transitions and image options that make us unlike any other display.

Work With Us

The Nostaboard has so far been seen in restaurants and stadiums, however, it has the ability to attract many in various industries. Highlight your company’s legacy, showcase new products and collections, attract conference attendees, the possibilities are endless with the Nostaboard. Up to 19 images can be printed across the Nostaboard display with images or text attracting your customers. We work directly with your team of designers, or experienced developers in order to create a vision that works best with your company to do what we do best, create unforgettable experiences.