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Higher Education & Athletics

Every educational institution has a unique personality. And every space on a campus is an opportunity to express that personality, by identifying and celebrating remarkable programs and achievements. For academic and athletic programs alike, we’ve helped clients create distinctive experiences for students, alumni, parents, faculty and donors – through environments that highlight important and engaging stories, honor tradition, and build and sustain loyalty.


Whether a project focuses on academics or athletics, we help clients turn the energy and tradition of their programs into branded experiences that inspire pride and commitment, share stories of championships and sportsmanship, and promote overall competitive advantages.


Xibitz is a proven partner – delivering innovative and creative solutions.
Please contact us to discover the depth and breadth of our projects and expertise.

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Financial | Planning | Management | Design | Preproduction & Production | Installation

Our Clients & Projects


“We found Xibitz to be very creative and imaginative while allowing for
the necessary flexibility to work with donors… The professionalism and experience of the firm is evident in their approach to each unique project.”

  Curt Gielow, Executive Dean, Concordia University of WI School of Pharmacy

“There are three reasons we love working with the Xibitz team. First, they challenge our ideas and ultimately help us deliver a project that exceeds our expectations and even our clients’ [expectations]. Second, they deliver what they promise. There is a reality upfront to the project schedule and budget. Third, their creativity and friendliness make even the most challenging project seem like fun!”
  Jill Ayers, Creative Director, Design360 Inc., for New York University

“It was clear that we needed partners to establish a clear vision for the educational displays that would embody and convey this experience in an engaging way… a working collaboration to better define and then refine our basic ideas into something grand, yet practical for our schedule and resources. Xibitz played a key role throughout the process, helping converge on key design elements and introducing materials and construction details that enhanced the aesthetics, while also supporting the practical sustainability of the displays.”
  John A. Hopkins, The University of Tennessee

Higher Education Xpertise

Leadership – that delivers innovative and strategic solutions, producing exhibits and environments that inform, educate and inspire.

– Project Funding Assessments ForeSite™
– Financial Modeling ForeSite™
– Planning & Management ForeSite™
– Interpretive Planning
– Project Management
– Facility Interface Coordination
– Collaborative Design & Design Assist
– Detail Design
– Graphic Design
– Prototypes & Mockups
– Lighting Integration
– Media Hardware, Production, & Integration
– Artifact Cases & Mounts
– Production & Installation
– On-Site Training
– Maintenance Manuals
– Warranty Service