Snap-on Museum | Corporate Headquarters

Since 1920, the company that has become Snap-on Incorporated has forged its designs into steel solutions for auto mechanics across America. With a 100th anniversary approaching, corporate leaders of the $3.3 billion S&P 500 company decided it was time to update the Snap-on Museum – to reflect more closely the company’s commitment to quality and innovation; to reveal the link between the company’s legacy and the culture that sustains it today; and to demonstrate the global scale of the company’s family of brands beyond Snap-on tools.

Set in a 25,000-square-foot factory space reclaimed for training and events, the museum showcases more than 500 artifacts, including a Ford Model T – which, when mass-produced with completely interchangeable parts, set a new standard for efficient and rational manufacturing, and Snap-on adapted them as mobile sales vehicles. Also featured are the company’s “5 does the work of 50” tool kit, with which Snap-on established socket tools as the industry standard for fitting interchangeable auto parts; information about the company’s family of brands sold around the world; a 150-foot timeline display; and custom mobile toolboxes that allow reconfiguration for varied audiences.

Scope of Services:

Financial Management, Design & Project Management, Facility Interface Coordination, Design Solutioning, Contractor Coordination, Mockups, Sampling, Prototypes, Lighting & Electrical Integration, AV/Multimedia Integration, Fabrication & Installation



Jury Comments:

“Rock-solid branding: everything about this exhibition space feels like Snap-on. Hundreds of stories and artifacts are organized so cleanly that they work equally well as either focal point or backdrop in this space that serves as both museum and dining hall.”

“Restraint and discipline combined with a strong color palette create an intelligent and cohesive presentation of a huge amount of content. The 150-foot-long illuminated timeline exposes visitors to the entire company’s history in a glance. At the same time, the carefully curated presentation of objects invites intimate engagement.”