NCAA | Headquarters Lobby

In the past, student-athletes and other visitors to the NCAA headquarters entered a lobby that did little to differentiate the office from any other. To remedy the situation, organizational leadership enlisted Perkins+Will and Xibitz to create and install displays that clearly reflect the NCAA values and mission. Key objectives of the branding project included the embodiment of the organization’s mission and culture, celebration of the “One Team, One Future” initiative, and promoting the role of student-athletes in academics, athletics, and life.

The incorporation of the designs into the reception included a 40’ wall of 400 student-athletes, 8 special recognition opportunities, and a 70’ wall of all 1300 collegiate membership logos. The displays were produced to allow for easy updating as the stories and membership evolve.

In the second phase of the NCAA’s headquarter installation, Perkins+Will and Xibitz teamed up again to create dynamic branding elements for the building. These installs include multistory window graphics of vinyl lettering, that climb up the glass in brand colors and intricate text. Hallways are adorned with overscaled prints of student-athletes on and off the field in full, vibrant color. Three-dimensional text and accents add depth and interest to the imagery and create focal points to the linear halls. The front of the building greets visitors with full-color graphics, layered over windows to announce the organization’s mission and culture.

Scope of Services:

Project Management, Contractor Management, Facility Interface Coordination, Design Solutions, Mockups & Prototypes, AV/Multimedia Integration, Lighting & Electrical Integration, Construction Drawings, Production & Installation