Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum received an 8,000-square-foot addition and new permanent exhibits as part of a $15 million project completed in May 2016. In July of 2015 Xibitz was awarded the contract to manage, produce, and install the exhibits as designed by Gallagher & Associates, an interpretive planning and museum design firm located outside of Washington D.C.

This new permanent exhibit provides visitors with the opportunity to experience President Ford’s and the First Lady’s lives, careers, and legacies. Xibitz worked closely with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to properly showcase and preserve more of the museum’s permanent collections and archival holdings. While engaged in this work, Xibitz coordinated with the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, Gallagher & Associates, the Museum Director and Staff, and the Construction Project Manager.

The new museum design includes interactive displays, a recreation of the Oval Office, and AV Integration. A portion of the museum is dedicated to First Lady Betty Ford. The exhibit showcases garments from her public events mounted in cases built by Xibitz. Gifts from heads of state are also displayed in custom casework. The Watergate section contains a multiscreen video of the break-in along the gallery walls.

Scope of Services:

Project Management, Contractor Management, Facility Interface Coordination, Design Solutions, Mockups & Prototypes, AV/Multimedia Integration, Lighting & Electrical Integration, Construction Drawings, Fabrication & Installation



Write up in SEGD.

Curator Don Holloway gives a look inside the newly redesigned Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.