Airbus | Experience Center

The Airbus Experience Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology and interactive displays, providing elements of discovery along the way to help elevate the conversation to a place where we can discuss the ways in which we are all now connected. As the global industry leader, with a focus on the future, Airbus is using this experience to represent their incredible story and reinforce their past and future impact.

To do so, Airbus enlisted Hornall Anderson and Xibitz to create a state-of-the-art Experience Center located in the capital district center in Washington, DC. Hosting a range of visitors from airline customers to congressmen, the center invites guests into a greater understanding of Airbus Group’s role in shaping the future of travel, defense, and aerospace. The result is an industry-leading sales and educational tool, and a powerful reminder that the sky connects us all.

Scope of Services:

Project Planning, Contract Management, Facility Coordination, Design Management, Scheduling, Contractor Coordination, Sub-Consultant Coordination, Construction Drawings, Fabrication & Installation



Featured in Design Week.

Airbus brand “Experience Centre” designed to showcase innovation: Hornall Anderson has designed a centre with interactive and immersive brand experiences such as 3D helicopter design to help tell the Airbus group’s story to a wide range of stakeholders.

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