After 25 years serving six major markets, we’ve honed an informative and collaborative process with our clients and other partners – along with a fluency in storytelling, technical expertise and innovative results. And we continue to work hand in hand with our clients and partners to discover, develop and implement strategic and creative solutions.


As a result, Xibitz has advanced into a position of leadership that:

•  builds on a quarter century of experience delivering successful projects.
•  applies proven best practices to achieve desired outcomes.
•  delivers innovative and strategic solutions.
•  leverages powerful data analysis and tools to inform decisions throughout project development and execution.



It’s obvious and crucial: Project numbers need to add up and Xibitz can help you solve this equation.

Our partners and clients appreciate the control and insights we offer to support and execute strategic financial decisions that maximize achievement of a project’s goals and return on investment. In addition to estimating and more typical budgeting support, our financial expertise includes a unique Xibitz process that empowers and informs project leaders from start to finish: ForeSite™.

ForeSite from Xibitz realigns the traditional steps in financial and project planning. It empowers owners and project team leaders with financial tools and funding strategies. ForeSite guides and informs project planning, design and execution phases before work begins.

Based on analysis of data from 25 years of projects, ForeSite offers a definitive financial roadmap that assures a design within budget, and that builds confidence, trust and understanding for owner and project team success.

In addition, ForeSite provides leaders with specific financial allocation for all phases of a project, incorporating best practices in planning and management. Best of all, with ForeSite, projects are consistently completed on time and on budget while meeting and often exceeding expectations.

Project Funding Assessment | Financial Modeling | Financial Management
ROM Budgets | Budget Estimating | Cost Estimating


At Xibitz, we believe planning is at the center of every successful project and relationship, and that any outstanding outcome must start with careful preparation. But effective strategy involves more than just the project’s beginning; a plan must be revisited continually throughout the entire process. And that takes collaboration among all the players.

This philosophy is why, over the past 25 years, Xibitz has made planning a priority and refined its ability to promote an environment in which every team member understands key goals and their importance – creating clear alignment with the end vision. By evaluating progress at every step, we strive to avoid problems before they occur and thus accelerate all phases of a project.

Project Planning | Project Team Development | Focus Sessions
Interpretive Planning | Research Matrix | Artifact & Image Matrix
Content Development | Text Writing


Whether we are supporting or leading a project, Xibitz can bring its management experience to work for you. Over the course of decades, we have performed diverse coordination roles, in various project phases, in all of the six major markets we serve, including our architecture and design partnerships.

As a result, we’ve persistently tested management strategies and processes incorporating collaboration, transparency and open communication. And we apply these proven best practices to achieve desired outcomes on every project we execute.

Contract Management | Design Management | Project Management
Scheduling Management | Contractor Coordination
Sub-Consultant Coordination | Facility Interface Coordination




Outstanding design is crucial to every project on which we collaborate, and our commitment to that principle is manifested in several ways.

We understand the design process and its implementation. As such, we are often called on to help initiate and refine design approaches that establish clear vision and identify execution strategies that influence creative outcomes.

We take pride in our ability to translate complex, often abstract, ideas into practical reality – introducing materials and construction details that enhance aesthetics, and delivering innovative solutions and value while maintaining design integrity.

Conceptual Design | Detail Design | Graphic Design
Graphic Production Files | Lighting Design
Renderings | Design Solutions | Design Sketches

Preproduction & Production

Xibitz traces its beginnings to world-class production and fabrication. Our quarter century in business is evidence that clients and partners appreciate our unique brand of collaboration leading to quality-driven construction. Our portfolio is more than a handsome history of our projects, however; it is a demonstration of our commitment to continuous improvement and enthusiasm for achieving client goals.

To this end, Xibitz has assembled a diverse group of talented and experienced artisans and craftspeople and invested in state-of-the-art equipment – all put to work in an 80,000-square-foot facility designed specifically to promote turnkey preproduction and production efficiency and promote internal team connectivity.

We excel at high-quality and complex fabrication and graphic production using a wide range of materials – woods, metal, glass, high-end specialty elements, and in-house direct large substrate printing. Further, as needs and opportunities arise, we remain committed to the continued growth and expansion of our preproduction and production department.

Prototypes | Mockups | Material Samples | Lighting Integration
AV/Multimedia Integration | Electrical Integration | Construction Drawings
Graphic Production Files | Artifact Mounting | Production | Fabrication


Over the past 25 years, Xibitz has been privileged to work on many creative and unique design projects. And we have long recognized that the best design in the world cannot be effective if it isn’t installed and maintained properly. That’s why we have invested in creating an installation team that is experienced in highly controlled, managed and secure on-site environments, both nationally and internationally.

It’s why we put safety first. Our teams are regularly trained, and we can demonstrate compliance with rigorous on-site safety requirements. It’s also why we will provide comprehensive training and manuals with functional overviews of all exhibit and media components – and instructions for accessing, cleaning, maintaining and updating them.

Regardless of your project’s complexity, you can count on detail-focused installation by a team that comes with on-site leadership…that is friendly, flexible and comprehensive in its responsibilities and knowledge…and which is efficient in executing installation strategies that are carefully planned, on time and effective.

Installation | On-Site Training | Maintenance Manuals | Warranty Service