Creating a Magical Retreat

Akron Childrens Hospital, Kay Jewelers Pavilion, Magical Retreat

Akron Children’s Hospital

Critical Care Tower Lobby



When Akron Children’s Hospital, the largest pediatric healthcare system in northeast Ohio, embarked on a $200 million expansion to meet the current and future needs of children and their families, it turned to HKS, Inc., as design architect for a new critical care tower.


Incorporating a theme of “things familiar” – in particular what a child would find in his or her back yard – the building’s look and feel are designed to inspire imagination as well as feelings of comfort and safety. For its distinctive lobby, the hospital leadership and HKS engaged in a visioning process which was then refined and executed by Xibitz.


In brief, the concept turns “things familiar” into magical retreats – in a place of playfulness, healing and hope.

[Building on the Promise.]


Our plan builds on the same promises we made in 1890 when we opened our doors.

President and CEO


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[“Things Familiar.”

To accomplish the client’s, partner’s and project’s goals and vision, Xibitz provided final design development while leading and executing the engineering, fabrication and installation phases for three elements of this special experience.]


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X: on this project:

 Lead Firm, Xibitz Inc.

 Conceptual Design, HKS

 Detail Design, Xibitz Inc.

 Animated & Interactive Elements, Angle Park

 Project Funding Assessment

 Cost Estimating

 Project Planning & Management

 Scheduling Management

 Sub-consultant Coordination

 Facility Interface Coordination

 AV/Multimedia Integration, Angle Park

 Construction Drawings

 Mockups, Production & Installation


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Akron Childrens Hospital, Kay Jewelers Pavilion

A “Blue Wall” spanning an open two-story space symbolizes a backyard fence. It incorporates a series of wood veneer panels mounted at different depths, animated interactive elements activated by motion sensors, backlit images on glass inserted within the panels’ pattern, and interactive monitors.


Akron Childrens Hospital, Kay Jewelers Pavilion

A Ceiling Chandelier Sculpture represents a canopy of leaves by utilizing thin pieces of varied-colored glass suspended at different heights on thin wire that spins with air movement.



Akron Childrens Hospital, Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Stretching from floor to ceiling, Abstract Tree Sculptures are made of durable material and textured to enhance their resemblance to trees.







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