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Banque du Liban

Money Museum



Lebanon’s central bank established the Banque du Liban Museum to increase public awareness of its roles and responsibilities in keeping the Lebanese economy and financial system stable. The new 3,000-square-foot museum is located in the heart of Beirut in a refurbished historic BDL building.


Xibitz and Lord Cultural Resources collaborated on the development of the Banque du Liban museum. Providing turnkey exhibition and logistical services, the two companies created an exhibit that reveals the beauty and significance of money, in the context of Lebanon’s banking system.


Interactive exhibit components include the opportunity to design your own bank note featuring your face and the chance to visualize your weight in gold bars.


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Exploring the intricately designed paper notes through a sliding magnifying glass reveals Lebanon’s colorful political history; the push-and-pull of its previous rulers, displayed through its numerous currencies…

—Lebanon Traveler


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[It’s all about money.

The BDL Museum is an engaging experience. It features an orientation theatre, educational and interactive exhibits on the role of the central bank, and coin and banknote displays.]


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X: on this project:

 Design & Interpretive Planning, Lord Cultural Resources

Facility Interface Coordinating

Artifact Mounting Guide

Gallery Lighting Design

Multimedia Integration

Fabrication & Installation


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BDL_1, Banque de Liban, Experience

The museum prominently features BDL’s vibrant and comprehensive currency collection – both current and historic – of Lebanon, the surrounding region and the world.


BDL_2, Banque de Liban, Experience

The museum has extensive displays of archaeological, historic and contemporary coins. Here, a visitor admires cases of coins, each of which has a mirrored base, so that both sides of the coin are visible.


BDL_3, Banque de Liban, Experience

Visitors reach in to feel the dense weight of a single gold bar.



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