Creating a Green Working Environment

TD Ameritrade

Corporate Headquarters



TD Ameritrade consolidated the company’s corporate, technology and operations teams, previously located throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. The new facility also created a greener working environment through the application of solar arrays, natural lighting, a green roof, recycled building materials occupancy sensors for LED lighting and a system that recaptures rainwater for non-potable water needs.


HOK had successfully designed and implemented with Xibitz support a flagship retail/workplace environment in two key locations for TD Ameritrade. This success, allowed Xibitz to continue to engage their expertise supporting HOK and TD Ameritrade in the implementation of new designs for their new headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska; that would function as artful extensions of the company’s brand attributes.
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We have a facility that blends the technology, sustainable design and amenities that today’s professionals are looking for. We have a first–rate working environment that will attract and retain top talent and make us a more productive, innovative and collaborative company…

—Fred Tomczyk, President and CEO


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[Working together.

Building upon past collaborations with TD Ameritrade, Xibitz and HOK developed an interactive brand space utilizing a variety of sustainable materials. Key to project success was Xibitz’s integrated budgeting, prototyping and material mock-up services.]


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 X: on this project:

Design, HOK

 Design Solutions

Design Sketches

Prototypes & Mockups

Material Samples

Production & Installation

Financial Management

Project Management

Facility Interface Coordination

AV/Multimedia Integration

Construction Drawings


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The Abacus, an obvious financial allegory, was designed and built for visitor interaction. It creates a playful divider between the café and the main pedestrian thoroughfare within the TDA headquarters.


The History Wall used 15 iPads to tell the company’s story. Other elements in the facility include lighted murals, direct-printed curtains, vinyl graphics and custom whiteboards. User friendly work spaces allow employees to easily change out graphics and promotional brochures.


The two story Atrium wall sculpture was designed to reflect elements used every day in TDA’s world of investing.


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