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A&D Community

Building truly collaborative relationships is not always easy. It requires great trust and willingness on the part of all the partners to work toward the success of the others. But it
is most certainly worth the effort.


As a case in point, our strategic collaborations with the A&D community have led to some of our most innovative and creative work. Bound to the same values that pursue leadership and excellence in design and implementation can create unparalleled experiences and spectacular outcomes. Our partners tell us we understand their approaches; that we make their designs happen; and that we successfully support them in ensuring time, cost and creative goals are met through technique, materials and technology.


Xibitz is a proven partner – delivering innovative and creative solutions.
Please contact us to discover the depth and breadth of our projects and expertise.

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Financial | Planning | Management | Design | Preproduction & Production | Installation

Our Clients & Projects


“Thank you for all that your team accomplished in making this project happen…in the time allowed and…with the craft desired. A very complex undertaking using a wide variety of media executed in alignment with high expectations. The people (and attitude) of the Xibitz team is what I sensed made this success possible. Great work by great people.”
Hal Kantner, Senior Vice President, HOK Visual Communications

“With an experienced view of the task at hand, Xibitz took the initiative
required to help us stay on schedule, while consistently offering practical design solutions that embraced our vision, reflecting the quality and innovative nature of the brand…[The] Xibitz philosophy of delivering ‘innovation and value without compromise to the design’ was critical to the success of the project.

Randy Mattheis, Principal, Valerio Dewault Train Associates

“Capturing the essence of a brand in 3D is tedious. It requires a team that can feel the message and who will diligently work through many images and ideas to help achieve the designed intent. Xibitz is a true partner in developing ideas and executing the final product.”
Principal, Perkins + Will

“Xibitz has been a long-time collaborator with us. We fully consider them to be a member of the design team and integral to the success of the final product. Xibitz’ attention to construction detail and production management is unparalleled in my experience. Our team and our clients are elevated by the Xibitz experience. Plus they are darn nice to work with.”
Tony LaPorte, Kahler Slater Experience Design

“There are so many reasons why we love Xibitz—partnership, trust and the ability to volley ideas and get the best possible product for the client. Maybe not the cheapest, but always the best.”
 Melissa Schmitz, Vice President, HOK

A&D Xpertise

Leadership – that delivers innovative and strategic solutions, producing exhibits and environments that inform, educate and inspire.

– Project Funding Assessments ForeSite™
– Financial Modeling ForeSite™
– Planning & Management ForeSite™
– Interpretive Planning
– Project Management
– Collaborative Design & Design Assist
– Prototypes & Mockups
– Environmental Graphics
– Architectural Interior Elements
– Three-Dimensional Branding
– Embedding Stories into Architecture
– Exhibits & Displays
– Donor Applications
– Artifact Cases & Mounts
– Direct Substrate & Large Format Printing
– Lighting Integration
– Media Hardware, Production, & Integration
– Production & Installation
– On-Site Training
– Maintenance Manuals
– Warranty Service