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Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health 

2014 Corporate Headquarters Expansion



As the world’s best-selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements, Nutrilite set out to create a unique training space for its international sales force in the mid-2000s, and opened its Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, California in 2006.


Having collaborated successfully on that project, Nutrilite re-engaged Xibitz for the Center’s redesign and renovation. Teamed with Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, Xibitz handled detail design and fabrication of cases, pedestals, wall panel systems and graphics using glass, metals, wood, laminates and acrylics.


The outcome: Nutrilite unveiled a fully remodeled Center in 2014, along with a new research and development building and a rooftop space where visitors interact with displays and learn about the company’s farming operations and product offerings. 


Winner of The 2014 Event Design Awards,
Best Museum Environment


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The Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health is a first class facility for health education, training and health assessment counseling; playing a key role in building the credibility of the brand.

—Sr. Brand Manager, Center for Optimal Health, Nutrilite Health Institute


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[Motivating lasting lifestyle change.

Interbrand’s design for the Center for Optimal Health emphasizes the vitality behind Nutrilite products. The fabrication and installation by Xibitz do more than fulfill the design intent – they embody the Nutrilite experience. ]


X: on this project:

• Design, Interbrand

• Project Funding Assessment

• Financial Models

Cost Estimating 

Project Planning

Scheduling Management

Facility Interface Coordination

Detail Design

Design Sketches

Prototypes & Mockups

Lighting & AV/Multimedia Integration

 Electrical Integration

Construction Drawings

Production & Installation

Maintenance Manuals



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Optimal Health

At the Flask Wall demonstration area, tour participants learn about the many natural concentrates that are blended to make Nutrilite’s varied products.


Visitors can engage with leadership messages at the curved Story Wall, where interactive monitors and directional audio offer a one-on-one experience.


Guests control the floor-to-ceiling interactive HD Video Wall from the touchscreen console on the pedestal. Images are splashed from the console to the big screen.



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